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Duckopolis sells ducks, chickens, geese, peafowl, guinea fowl, and turkeys as day olds and juvenile to mature birds. We do not sell hatching eggs. Our sheep are generally sold once they are weaned however we occasionally have bottle lambs. The newly hatched birds are available as soon as they are taken out of the hatcher and can be purchased at that time. Those that are not purchased as day olds will be available for sale as juvenile and mature birds. I will not hold any birds without receiving a deposit first, and as such all that hatch will be available except for those whom I am holding with deposits. Sorry, but I can not ship outside Canada.

Ordering Information:
  • Orders are not entered until payment has been received for them:
    • Day old orders require 100% prepayment
    • Mature/Juvenile bird orders require 50% prepayment, remainder plus shipping (if applicable) paid when they are ready
    • Sheep orders require $100 deposit per lamb
  • Deposits can be made by credit card (Visa/MasterCard), email transfer, cash/debit, or cheque/money order in the mail
  • There is no minimum order number for orders that are picked up, shipped day olds orders have the following minimums:
    • Chicks or guinea keets- minimum 10 to ship
    • Ducklings or goslings- minimum 5 to ship


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Note: The above price list is from Jan 1, 2017; prices may change from time to time as we deem necessary. We will keep this page updated as much as we can.