Shipping is available for live birds, both young and mature, throughout Canada.

Day Old Shipping:

We now have several options available for shipping day old birds:

By Air: We can also ship by air across Canada, for a flat rate of $120. Days olds can be shipped from April through August this way. They hatch on Tuesday and will ship Tuesday or Wednesday.


Mature/ Juvenile Shipping:

Mature and juvenile birds can only be shipped by air, or delivered on one of our delivery trips:

Air Shipping: Live birds can be shipped as both adults and young birds; they are shipped by air from the Edmonton International Airport. Customers must arrange their own flights for the birds. West Jet and  Air North seem to work best for shipping birds but other airlines will work. The birds must be paid for in advance, which can be either by cheque or money order mailed to me (time must be allowed for the cheque to clear), by email transfer, or credit card. In addition to the cost of the birds a $50 handling fee will be charged for each order to cover my costs for gas and time as it is a 3 hour round trip to the airport, costs for the carriers required to ship the birds may be additional depending on the age and size of the order. This needs to be paid for in advance as well.
The carriers I will use will depend on the type and age of birds, order size, and will meet airline requirements.
Please contact me regarding box space for shipping birds. Shipping mature birds is best during the evening.

Delivery Trips: Duckopolis is now making delivery trips to central locations throughout Western Canada. These trips are generally made on a Saturday. Below is a list of planned trips for 2017 and potential dates. Please feel free to inquire about a delivery trip close to you if one is not listed and I will see what I can do. Some of these trips will have a small fuel surcharge of $40 to cover my cost for gas. Those that don’t are if it is delivery to a sale I am already attending (they are in italics).


Shipping Sheep:

Sheep can be shipped either by air or delivered on a delivery trip. Please see above for both options.