Muscovy Ducks

Muscovy ducks are large tropical birds native to Mexico, Central, and South America but will adapt well to icy and snowy conditions below -12˚C without harsh effects. They have long claws and wide flat tails with males being about 86 cm long and 10-17 pounds and hens being about 64 cm long and 6-10 pounds. Muscovy’s are less noisy and often marketed as “quack less ducks” even though they aren’t completely silent. They have lean meat when compared to other domesticated ducks.

Duckopolis has muscovys available in:

Black, Black & White, and Black Barred

black barred

Blue, Blue & White, and Blue Barred


Blue Fawn and Buff

Chocolate, Chocolate Pied, and Chocolate Barred

chocolate barred


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