Muscovy Ducks

Muscovy ducks are large tropical birds native to Mexico, Central, and South America but will adapt well to icy and snowy conditions below -12˚C without harsh effects. They have long claws and wide flat tails with males being about 86 cm long and 10-17 pounds and hens being about 64 cm long and 6-10 pounds. Muscovy’s are less noisy and often marketed as “quack less ducks” even though they aren’t completely silent. There “quacks” resemble more of a muffled hiss. Muscovy ducks will cross with other breeds but the offspring will generally be sterile. Both sexed of muscovys can raise and lower their head crests at will. Muscovys will swim however their feathers aren’t as water repellent as other breeds and therefore can’t swim for extended periods of time. Muscovies make excellent foragers and are often better than other breeds of ducks at utilizing grass. Muscovy eggs do take an extra week to hatch compared to other duck breeds hatching t 33-35 days. Hens are dedicated mothers  and it is not uncommon to see hens with up to 20 ducklings. They will protect their babies and have been seen warding off predators like cats, dogs, and even foxes. Muscovy ducks have lean meat when compared to other domesticated ducks. They have broad well muscled breasts and are easier to clean than other ducks.

Duckopolis has muscovys available in:

Black, Black & White, and Black Barred
black barred
black barred
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Blue, Blue & White, and Blue Barred
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Blue Fawn and Buff

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Chocolate, Chocolate Pied, and Chocolate Barred
chocolate pied
chocolate pied
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